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Weekend Trips from Jhunjhunu

Water Reservoir on Top Of Dhosi Hills

Rajasthan is said to be the land of kings, who were also very good fighters. Consequently, we find many famous forts and palaces located in different parts of the state. However, in this article, we will talk only about some of the places of tourist interest located within the Sekhawati region. Although all these places are located within easy distance from Jhunjhunu it is advisable that one should spend at least one night there.  However, if time is a constraint, one can also make a day’s trip and try to get the best of it.

Trip to Dhosi Hills

Let us start our tour with Dhosi Hill, located in-between Jhunjhunu District in Rajasthan and Mahendragarh district in Haryana.   It is a part of the Aravalli hills that run in northeasterly direction through Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat. It is said to be oldest fold mountain in India.

Doshi hill can be approached through Doshi village in Jhunjhunu. It is famous for number of reasons. Primarily, it is an extinct volcano with a distinct caters. Visitors can still see lavas lying all around it. Moreover, the hill also has many mythological stories woven around. It has also been mentioned extensively in Vedas as well as in Manusmriti. It is said that the ashrama of Chavyana Rishi, the father of many herbal medicines, was located here. Even today, the hill has many important herbs growing naturally without any planned cultivation.

Temple of Rishi Chavyan on Dhosi Hill

The hill also has number of temples located in different parts. One can also see the remnant of a fort, which had been built by emperor Hem Chandra Vikramaditya to fortify the heritage spot from the attacks of the Muslim invaders. Besides, there is an ancient lake at the top of the hill. The water of the lake is said to treat many skin ailments and other diseases.  Since this hill is revered by many Hindus, pilgrim undertakes parikrama or circumambulation of the hill. The trail of the parikrama is truly fascinating and hence many undertake it just for pleasure.

Khetri near Doshi Hills

Bhopalgarh Fort at Khetri

On your way back, you can also visit Khetri. It is famous for its Bhopalgarh Fort. It was built in1974 by King Thakur Bhopal Singh at the top of a hill. However, to visit the fort, one needs to hire a jeep from the village at its base. Apart from the fort, there are many temples and lakes to visit in Khetri. One must also try to visit Khetri Nagar, located at a distance of 10 KM from Khetri township. It belongs to Hindustan Copper Ltd and houses a copper mine and also a factory, which produces copper concentrate.

Lohargal, Kirorji and Udaipurwati

The Holy Tank at Lohargal

Lohargal, located at the foot of Aravalli hills, is another place of tourist interest within the Jhunjhunu district. It is located at a distance of 68 KM from Jhujhunu city. Although the place has a captivating beauty, it is more famous for the holy tank, known as Suraj Kund. It is watered by to perennial streams, which tickles down the mountain side to merge in it. A holy dip at this tank is said to absolve one of all the sins. There is also a temple located in near vicinity. Besides, Malket, Barkhandi, Bhim Kund, Gyan Bawari, and Chetan Das Bawari are some other places of tourist interest in the town. Every year, a large fair is held at Lohargal from Krishna Janmashtami to Amawashya.

On your way back, you can also take time to visit Udaipurwati and Kirori Ji. Among them, Kiror Ji lies in the lap of the Aravalli Hills at a distance of 65 Km from Jhunjhunu city. The town is famous for its natural beauty.  Holy shrines as well as hot and cold water springs of this town also draw a large number of tourists. The cenotaph of Raja Todar Mal of Udaipurwati is also worth visiting.

View from Udaipurwati

Udaipurwati on the other hand is more famous for its temples, havelis, stepwells and ponds. One must also take time to visit the palace of Todar Mall although it is now lying in ruins. Moreover, do not forget to witness the sunset from the nearby black mountain.

Handicraft Market at Mukundgarh

However, if you are a diehard fan of art and craft, you must visit Mukundgarh, located at a distance of 27th Km from Jhunjhunu. Just as Shekhawati region, this town is also full of tastefully decorated havelis and temples.  The beautiful frescos on their wall draw visitors from far and wide. Many people also go to Mukundgarh simply to shop. The town has a very good handicraft market. You can buy the frescos recreated on papers by modern artists. Wooden furniture in Shekhawati style is another attraction of this place.

Trip to Dundlod

the For at Dundlod

Visitors should also take time to visit Dundlod located at a distance of five Km from Mukudgarh.  Although Dundlod Fort has been turned into a hotel Goenka Haveli is truly worth visiting. In that haveli a caretaker takes time to show the visitors around. Temples and cenotaphs located in different parts of the town is also another attraction.

Visiting Nawalgarh

Nawalgarh is located at a distance of 40 Km from Jhunjhunu and 8 Km from Dundlod is another good place to visit. Bala Kila Fort built in 1737 AD is one of the attractions here. However, this fort now houses a few government offices as well as two banks. The Sheesh Mahal of in this fort is still very enthralling and so is Rup Niwas palace. Besides, there are a number of havelis decorated richly with frescos. The Poddar Haveli Museum can mesmerize one and all. Apart from beautiful frescos, a few rooms in the haveli have been turned into art gallery, which showcases Rajasthani culture in detail.

Trip to Mandawa

Mandawa located at a distance of 27.5 Km from Jhunjhunu is another good place to visit.  The main attraction in this town is the fort constructed by Thakur Nawal Singh in 1755. It has many frescos adorning its wall. Apart from it there are many other richly decorated havelis and temples to visit. The murals in the Thakurji Temple depict scenes from the First War of Independence. The city also offer great scope for desert safari and therefore, the adventurous types may also find this trip quite interesting.

The Fort at Mandawa

Some Other Towns to Visit in Jhunjhunu

Other than the above mentioned place, there are many other places of tourist interest located in the vicinity of Jhunjhunu. Among them we can mention, Alsisar, Bagar, Bissau, Chirwa, Gangiasar, Kajara, Mahansar, Malsisar, Narhar, Pilani, Surajgarh etc. While they offer great scenic beauty many of these cities have been christened as Open Air Art Gallery of Rajasthan. Such is their wonderful heritage.

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